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Boulevard Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee Meeting
Feb. 13, 2013

Present:  Charles Apostolik, Hillary Brown, Jerry Daniel, Mary Beth Gates, Mona Heinze, Carole Holmes, Melissa Link, Dan Lorentz, Kristen Morales, Jane Travis, Eric Heil
Not Present: Gregg Bayard, Jeff Cymerman, Matt Elliott, Chuck Ramsey

Intro, welcome to new members of Steering committee and review of duties


Treasurer’s: Balance $964.98 + received $150 in dues and donations at meeting; Athens Land Trust has $3000 for Boulevard Woods
Membership: 80+ households and 18 commercial. 
Environment and Preservation: at the Mayor and Commission meeting, upcoming issues include a review of the ACC wetlands buffer to reduce it to state requirement and the vote on the Buena Vista Historic District.
Neighborhood Watch: Both Melissa and Kristen mentioned possible sightings of coyotes in the wooded areas near Park Ave and the Ga. Power property

Old Business:

1) Buena Vista Historic District- a new map is being developed by ACC Commissioner Kelly Girtz and will come up for a vote at the March meeting. (Kristen)
2) Boulevard Woods- a survey needs to be completed as the next step.  Using money that is already donated to complete the survey was approved and will be done as soon as possible.  A “Senior Design Studio” (UGA class) with the supervision of Doug Pardue will work on additional plans by end of spring semester and will develop pricing so we can begin to raise money for construction.  Plans will need to be approved by the Mayor and Commission and funds will be given to ACC to build.  Krysia Haag is redoing the Boulevard Woods website. (Dan)
3) Prince Ave Stakeholders committee- The charge to the committee is only to assist in defining the “neighborhood established” zoning category.  Right of way design and streetscape is not a part of this committee.  The committee will be meeting in Feb and March, and plans to gather public input in April. (Dan) 
4) Chase Street School Tree Frog Trot- There will be a “Adventure Race” on April 13, 2-4 pm, instead of the 5K.  They have asked that we provide fruit, water, and granola bars.  There was some discussion of adding a BNA “Boulevard Stroll” after the event.  (Mona and Melissa)

New Business:

1)  Spring Meeting and Party- possible date and place at Pulaski Heights BBQ on May 19th.  Mona will call Chuck Ramsey and see if details can be worked out.
2) Carole suggested that we reimburse Kristen for the money she spent to have the official notices about the Buena Vista Historic District sent out by ACC.  A motion to reimburse $250 was approved. Motion by Carole, seconded by Jane, all in favor.
3) The Taste of Athens 5K will be Sunday, Feb 17 at 8am.  Kristen will send an e-mail out to the list-serve to suggest people gather and cheer at Barber and Boulevard, Chase and Boulevard, and Satula and Boulevard.
4) Matt is planning a Neighborhood Clean-up for Feb 23rd at 1 pm, meet at Chase St. School
5) A decision was made to offer a 3-year Commercial Membership for $50. Motion by Kristen, seconded by Mona, all approved. 

Minutes by Carole Holmes, Feb. 20, 2013

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