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Boulevard Neighborhood Association 
Annual Meeting
Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation Firehall #2
November 10, 2012

ACC Commissioners:
Dan Lorentz introduced the ACC Commissioners present and invited each of them to make comments.

Jared Bailey pointed out that they would no longer be representing our neighborhood due to the change of districts in January.  His district is now concentrated outside the perimeter.  He stated that he has enjoyed working with the neighborhood association and will, of course, still be on the commission and available.  

Mike Hamby is our super district representative at this time and will also be working with a different district in January.  He mentioned the Prince Ave. stakeholders committee that has been formed recently and the Downtown Master Plan are ways that we can actively work with the government.  He also will continue to welcome calls and comments from us on actions of the Commission.

Downtown Master Plan
Representatives from the Downtown Master Plan displayed a map of the area being studied.  They gave out business cards with contact information:

There is a survey on the website which they would like for each of us to complete now.  They also had hard copies of the survey for us to complete if needed.  The Master Plan is to be completed by summer.  There will be a town hall meeting on Nov. 27 with electronic voting to develop responses to initial plan findings.  A brief question and answer session followed.

BNA Business Meeting

Dan reported 135 members, 83 households and $875 in the treasury.

He listed some of the BNA accomplishments of 2012:
1) The Prince Ave. Corridor study was accepted by the ACC Commission.  BNA had sent a letter encouraging action.  A group from Boulevard, Cobbham, and King Ave. met with some commissioners about the Prince Ave. corridor study.  A “stakeholder committee” has been named and will begin meeting soon.  Dan Lorentz and Rachel Watkins are on this committee.
2) BNA Steering Committee met with Ed Nichols about development at 740 Prince Ave. and felt good about the dialog.  We have been unsuccessful in meeting with a developer at a different location although we have requested a meeting.
3) BNA supported the Race for Chase and also provided muffins for teachers at the beginning of school year.
4) BNA Steering Committee members commented on new guidelines for the Historic Preservation Commission.
5) BNA supported Heirloom Café’s successful application for a distance waiver.
6) We had a fun party at Ted’s Most Best in May with pizza donated by Ted’s Most Best. 
7) Thanks to Kristen Morales, we have produced two newsletters and distributed them throughout the neighborhood.
8) BNA supported the proposal for the Buena Vista Historic District with funds and fundraisers.
9) BNA developed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Athens Land Trust for Boulevard Woods and got approval from the ACC Commission.  There is still some work to be done on the agreement before funds can be raised to move forward on construction.

Kristen Morales gave an update on the Buena Vista Historic District proposal.  There is currently a building moratorium until March.  The commission will have a work session on Tuesday, November 13,  to learn more about historic districts, overlays, and other zoning options.  Public can attend to observe.  There will be no comments.  The vote on the Historic District will probably return to the agenda in February or March.

Dan thanked BNA Steering Committee member, Chuck Ramsey of Pulaski Heights BBQ, for the donation of barbeque and buns for our meeting.  The restaurant will open soon in the Leathers Building.

Dan introduced the proposed Steering Committee members for 2013:
Chair: Dan Lorentz
Vice Chair: Kristen Morales
Secretary: Carole Holmes
Treasurer: Mary Beth Gates

Standing Committee Chairs
Member/Finance: Jerry Daniel
Newsletter/Publicity: Hillary Brown
Programs/Events: Mona Heinze
Neighborhood Watch: Jeff Cymerman
Preservation/Environmental Quality:  Melissa Link

At-Large Members
Matt Elliot
Jane Travis
Charles Apostolik
Eric Heil 
Chuck Ramsey
Gregg Bayard

He moved that we accept this slate.  Susie Criswell seconded.  Steering Committee was approved by acclamation.

The members leaving the Steering Committee; Marie Woods, Janet Geddis, and Ruth Harman were given three year memberships in BNA. 

Submitted by Carole M. Holmes, BNA Secretary
Minutes approved by BNA Steering Committee

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