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Boulevard Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee meeting 
Sept 25, 2012
Minutes prepared by Carole Holmes, BNA Secretary.

Members Present:  Dan Lorentz, Charles Apostolik, Jane Travis, Matt Elliot, Janet Geddis, Melissa Link, Carole Holmes, Mary Beth Gates, Jeff Cymerman, Eric Heil, Kristen Morales

Minutes from meeting on Feb 28 were approved by e-mail in early March and sent to membership.

Current balance:  $866.72

Those present agreed that the spring party on May 20 at Ted’s Most Best was a lot of fun.  The pizzas were wonderful and provided free to BNA.  We are so thankful and pleased.  

1.   Muffins were provided for teachers at Chase Street Elementary School as a “welcome back” gesture the day before school began.  We also routinely support Race For Chase with food donations for the participants.  It was decided that up to $100 could be spent for these events yearly without additional votes.

2.  A letter has been written in support of Heirloom Café’s renewal application to serve beer and wine with slightly extended hours.  It has been sent to the membership for approval and will be sent on to the Mayor and Commission next Tuesday, Oct. 2 if no objections are heard. 

3.  The Prince Ave Corridor Study has been delayed until after a “complete streets policy” has been developed.  We discussed our concerns about the delay and decided to ask for the timeline.  Dan will call Brad Griffin at the Planning Office and we will consider drafting a letter to the commission asking for action.  We may consider asking Cobbham and Normaltown to join us in trying to get some action.

4.  The Historic Preservation Commission will consider approval of the Buena Vista Heights Local Historic District tomorrow night (Sept. 26) and we expect it to be sent on the ACC Commission for a vote in November.  There will probably be a work session in October.  There is opposition and there will be opportunities to speak.
      We also may consider raising money to help reimburse Kristen for the fees that she paid to get the survey letters sent but she asked that we wait to do that.

5.  Dan met with Bill Berryman and Pam Reidy to confirm the Memorandum of Understanding for the Boulevard Woods Park project.  Additional negotiations are needed as the county would like for the BNA to indemnify the county and be responsible for construction and then share general liability for the park.  We are unwilling to do that.  We have some suggestions from an attorney about ways to solve this issue and Dan will continue to work on it.

6.  Tony Eubanks has suggested that we might want to help with moving the “Love Shack” bus shelter to a more visible location.  We understand it might cost “several thousand dollars”.  No action was taken.

7.  The newsletter deadlines are: information and articles to Kristen by October 12, out to block captains by October 27.  Possible articles are annual meeting, proposed Steering Committee, Chase St. recognition as Blue Ribbon School, Buena Vista update, Downtown Master Plan, Park update.

8.  The annual meeting may be Nov. 10 in conjunction with Daily Groceries, Avid Bookshop celebration.  Janet will ask ACHF if we can reserve Firehall and check on details about the business plans.  Other details to be decided.  Official notice of the annual meeting will be sent out by e-mail with the newsletter acting as a reminder.

9.  Urban Sanctuary Spa has a variance request coming up and sent us a message asking for support.  Dan will call and tell her we see no problem but, due to the timing, we will not be making a statement for BNA and also do not think it is necessary.

10.  A slate of officers was discussed.  Dan as chairman, Kristen as vice chairman, Carole as secretary and Mary Beth as treasurer.  Jane would like for someone else to take over membership and we will need someone else to do newsletter.  Janet Geddis would like to leave Steering Committee.  Dan will send out information to find out preferences of other members of Steering Committee.  Hillary Brown for newsletter, Mona Heinze for socials, and Jerry Daniels for membership were some of the suggestions.  We need to get some representation from Pulaski Heights also.


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