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Boulevard Neighborhood Association Steering Committee
February 28, 2012
7:30 pm

Members present: Charles Apostolik, Matt Elliott, Mary Beth Gates, Janet Geddis, Ruth Harman, Eric Heil, Carole Holmes, Melissa Link, Dan Lorentz, Kristen Morales, Jane Travis, Marie Woods

Visitor: Ed Nichols of Nichols Land Development

1) 740 Prince: Ed Nichols made a presentation about the plans for redevelopment of the front portion of the property at 740 Prince Ave. His company has been hired to market the buildings that now exist. They are offering 5 year leases to new tenants so there is no immediate redevelopment plan or timeline. Any new building is at least 30 months out and could be much more. Previous projects his company has completed include the Hodgson Oil Co and the Regional Health Services Building on Talmadge.

Site plans for redevelopment have been submitted as "placeholders" to secure the owner's rights to redevelop the property under current zoning regulations, even if new restrictions are put in place in response to the Prince Avenue Corridor Study. The owners are mainly concerned about the proposed 10,000 square foot limit on medical offices. These new site plans have been accepted by the Planning Department. They meet all current requirements and do not require any review or vote by the Planning Commission or the Mayor and Commissioners. No architect has been hired and there are no building plans at this point, just footprints. In these plans, two large buildings replace the current multiple buildings. This plan DOES NOT include any portion of the property at the rear that belongs to Athens OB/GYN. There will be no new access to Dubose or any part of the neighborhood. Building #1 will be a two story building (14000 square feet x 2) near the current location of the pharmacy and surgeon's offices at the front of the property. Building # 2 (15000 square feet x 3) will be along the side of the property near the Taylor Grady house and is three stories, one of which is parking under the building. The project will be phased with the front facade at the same location as the current one with a reconfiguration of the driveway and addition of a small plaza/public space. The height of the building #2, at 28 feet, is lower than that of the Taylor Grady house next door. There should be no effect on stormwater as the lot coverage will be reduced and pervious pavement will be used in some areas. There is no site lighting planned except for wall sconces and up lighting that will meet all ACC lighting ordinances. Most trees will be retained. Probably two near the front of the property will be lost due to construction and will be replaced.

Mr. Nichols offered to meet with us or a larger group again, whenever we request, and intends to keep us informed of progress on this development. He will send us a PDF of his presentation which may be shared with concerned neighbors.

ACTION: Dan gave Mr. Nichols copies of comments and drawings from Pratt Cassity and told him he would send contact information. We will send letter thanking Mr. Nichols (Carole or Dan) for his presentation and willingness to work with us on this project.

2) Treasurer's Report: Current balance is $911. Yearly fees for incorporation, website domain name, and membership in The Federation of Neighborhoods have been paid.

3) Membership: Twenty households and four commercial members have been removed this month for non payment of dues so that current membership is lower than it has been. Ways to increase membership were discussed.

ACTION: Membership notice will be included in newsletter, as usual(Kristen). Information on membership will be posted to the list-serve making it clear that being on the list-serve is not the same as membership in BNA (Jane). A notice may be sent to the Chase Street School PTO list in conjunction with BNA's support for the "Race for Chase" on March 24. (Mary Beth)

4) Buena Vista Historic Designation: The designation report is complete except for a few minor corrections and decision on inclusion of house just behind Compadres. Steering Committee advised to proceed as quickly as possible with a resolution of that issue. The packet will go to the Planning Commission in June, to be included in the new budget year so that the required mailings and surveys can be sent.

ACTION: Kristen will continue with corrections.

5) Boulevard Woods: Pam Reidy, Director of ACC Leisure Services met with Robert Snipes, Deputy Manager to proceed with acceptance of the park design by ACC and permission to do fund raising and determined that we must request that the Mayor include this project on the Commission agenda.

ACTION: Dan is drafting a letter to the Mayor to ask her to help us proceed. Jane, Carole, and Dan volunteered to meet with the Mayor if needed.

6) Southern Mill property: The recent symposium on the project and Charette by the School of Environmental Design and ACHF generated many ideas and new interest in the property which we hope leads to stabilization and redevelopment of the neglected property.

ACTION: We will write a letter thanking ACHF and UGA for the work on this proposal. (Dan)

7) Prince Ave Corridor: We have already approved a letter asking the Commission to accept the Prince Ave Corridor Study.

ACTION: Dan will post the letter for comment by the membership in time to send it to the Commission as required.

8) Race for Chase: March 24, BNA will provide refreshments and serve them; peanut butter, bananas, bagels, cream cheese, water, and coffee.

ACTION: Melissa, Marie, and Kristen are coordinating. Janet will ask Greg Reese of Waterman about providing water. Melissa has a case of bananas from Bell's and will ask about bagels. Mary Beth and Jane will be there early to help set up and serve.

9) Membership Party: We would like to have a fun party, no big meeting planned.

ACTION: Mary Beth will see if we can have it at Ted's Most Best from 2-4pm on Sunday, May 20. THEIR RESPONSE WAS YES SO PUT THE DATE ON YOUR CALENDAR. (3/1/12)

10) Newsletter: Kristen will send out ideas by e-mail.

Meeting ended at 9 pm.

Boulevard Neighborhood Association's Steering Committee
Officers: Dan Lorentz, Chairperson * Matt Elliott, Vice Chairperson * Carole Holmes, Secretary * Mary Beth Gates, Treasurer
Standing Committee Chairs: Jane Travis, Membership/Finance * Kirsten Bergman Morales, Newsletter/Publicity
Janet Geddis, Programs/Events * Jeff Cymerman, Neighborhood Watch * Melissa Link, Preservation/Environmental Quality
At-Large Members: Charles Apostolik * Eric Heil * Chuck Ramsey * Gregg Bayard * Marie Woods * Ruth Harman

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