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Boulevard Neighborhood Association
Annual Business Meeting
Heirloom Cafe and Market
December 4, 2011

Steering Committee Members present: Jane Travis (Membership/Finance); Melissa Link (Preservation/Environmental Quality); Carole Holmes (At-Large member), Charles Apostolik (At-Large member); Janet Geddis (Programs/Events); Dan Lorentz (Chairperson); Marie Woods (Secretary); Kristen Bergman Morales (Newsletter/Publicity); Jeff Cymerman (Neighborhood Watch); Eric Heil (At-Large member); Chuck Ramsey (At-Large Member). Absent: Gregg Bayard (At-Large member); Ruth Harman (At-Large); Mary Beth Gates (Treasurer); Matt Elliot (Vice Chair)

Here is a summary of what happened at the annual business meeting and party. More than 35 BNA members attended. Also included is a treasurer's report. 


ACCPD police. At BNA's invitation, ACC Police Department Sgts. Randy Garrett and Matt Ring made a brief presentation about neighborhood safety and answered a few questions from BNA members. They told us that crime in Boulevard has not increased recently, and that the neighborhood seems to be safe.  There was a question about whether there was any way to get all of Boulevard into one of the police coverage zones. Currently the neighborhood is divided into two zones, with the eastern one being included in the same zone as downtown. There was another questions about whether BNA could make public on a neighborhood listeserve photos of people arrested for prostitution, and the police replied that such photos are public record. In response to a question about whether it was safe to walk in the neighborhood at night, the officers said that they thought walking home at 10 or 11 at night was probably very safe, but that normal caution should be exercised during later hours.  

Walmart. Melissa Link asked whether BNA should consider taking a public stand in opposition to Walmart possibly locating in a proposed near-downtown development. There was some discussion about whether this would be an appropriate issue for BNA to take a stand on. No motions were made. No action taken. 

Prince Ave. Corridor. Related the Walmart discussion, other BNA members suggested that residents should pay close attention to and participate in ACC's process involving the Prince Ave. Corridor Study as this may be a way for the Boulevard side of downtown to avoid being blindsided with developments that are out of scale with the neighborhood. 

Historic Preservation Guidelines. Carole Holmes provided a brief update on the proposed new Historic Preservation Guidelines. 

Boulevard Woods. Dan Lorentz provided an update on the Boulevard Woods project. 

Thanks to Heirloom. The owners of Heirloom Cafe--Jessica Rothacker and Travis Burch were thanked for hosting the meeting, and a petition that Heirloom was circulating in favor of their distance waiver application renewal was mentioned. 

Treasurer's report:

According to Mary Beth Gates, BNA's current balance as of 12-16-11, was: $730.37. 


Discussion and action on most pending agenda items was postponed in order to conduct the required membership-wide votes and to get to the "party" portion of the annual meeting. 

Dan Lorentz made a motion to amend the bylaws to create a neighborhood park/green space standing committee should ACC approve Boulevard Woods. Seconded by Melissa Link. This passed by acclamation of BNA members present. No "nays" were heard.

Dan Lorentz made a motion to elect the following slate of neighborhood residents as BNA Steering Committee members for 2012. Seconded by Travis Burch. This passed by acclamation of BNA members present. No "nays" were heard.

Chairperson: Dan Lorentz
Vice chairperson: Matt Elliott
Secretary: Carole Holmes
Treasurer: Mary Beth Gates

Standing Committee Chairs:
Membership/Finance: Jane Travis
Newsletter/Publicity: Kristen Bergman Morales
Programs/Events: Janet Geddis
Neighborhood Watch: Jeff Cymerman
Preservation/Environmental Quality: Melissa Link

At-Large Members:
Charles Apostolik
Eric Heil
Chuck Ramsey
Gregg Bayard
Marie Woods
Ruth Harman

Post-meeting steering committee action:

On Dec. 17, via an email vote, the Steering Committee approved (13-0) a Memorandum of Understanding with Athens Land Trust for administration of fundraising associated with the Boulevard Woods project. All steering committee members voted in favor, with the exception of Gregg Bayard, At-Large member, who recused himself. (Bayard also serves on the Athens Land Trust Board. Chuck Ramsey, At-Large Member, did not vote. 

Next steering committee meeting: in March 2012, date, time and agenda will be announced in advance.
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