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Boulevard Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee Meeting
27 June 2011

Present: Eric Heil (At-Large member); Kristen Bergman Morales (Standing Comm.
Chair, Newsletter/Publicity); Janet Geddis (Standing Comm. Chair,
Programs/Events); Matt Elliot, Vice Chair); Marie Woods (Secretary); Melissa
Link (Preservation/Environmental Quality); Dan Lorentz (Chair); Jeff Cymerman
(Neighborhood Watch); Charles Apostolik (At-Large member).

Summary of discussions and decisions:

Newsletter – We will get one out by the end of July and another before the
membership meeting in November.

GA Power substation renovation – Via email, Carole Holmes (At-Large member) who
was unable to attend, informed the group that the Georgia Power building had
filed permits for renovation to the facility on Boulevard. Since these are
interior renovations, we will not look into it further.

GA Power light pollution issue -- Light pollution at the facility is still a
concern. Dan will talk with Commissioner Jared Bailey (District 5), about this.

ACC vehicles on Nantahala Ext. -- Marie expressed a concern that city trucks are
still taking the Nantahala Ext. route in and out of the Pound Street facility
even after Commissioner Bailey talked with Alan Reddish, City Manager, who
replied that "staff are instructed not to use Nant. Ext. or other streets like
Grady, unless working in that area". Dan will talk with Commissioner Bailey
about this as well.

Adopt a Highway – The Steering Committee has agreed to participate in the Adopt
a Highway program and adopt Boulevard from Barber to Pound. Matt wanted to add
Chase from the railroad to the Bread Basket to this and the Steering Committee
approved that as well. More information will be posted to the neighborhood
listserv with the details concerning our responsibilities and cleanups when

Boulevard Woods update – Dan sent an email to Commissioners Girtz, Bailey,
Hamby, and Maxwell asking for their help with park plans that ACC would
seriously consider. There is some anticipated resistance to on the part of the
city manager to encouraging the building of small neighborhood park.

Pedestrian crossings on Prince Ave. – Police have conducted "stings" recently to
stop drivers who do not stop for pedestrians. We will ask that they please
continue to do so, and make a special request that they renew efforts when
students return.

Prostitution on Barber St. -- There are renewed concerns about prostitutes
operating in the Barber St. area. Dan and Jeff will let the police know about
these concerns and ask them for further advice about how to deal with this

Steering Committee meeting notification and minutes distribution -- The Steering
Committee agreed to give BNA members and the neighborhood in general (via the
listserve) advanced notice of future Steering Committee meetings so that
interested neighborhood residents may attend or contact us in advance with any
concerns. It was also agreed to post meeting minutes on the Boulevard
Neighborhood Association website and to distribute the minutes to BNA members.

Membership meeting -- A membership meeting will take place in November.
Location and topics to be determined.

Next Steering Committee meeting -- Exact date to be announced, but in September.
Planning for November membership meeting will be on the ag

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