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Law and Code Enforcement Info for the Boulevard Area

Neighborhood meets with ACC Police

Monday, July 26, 2004
Dozens of Boulevard neighborhood residents met with representatives from the ACC Police, ACC Community Protection Division, and Commissioner David Lynn at the Chase street school cafeteria. Officers and officials talked about how law enforcement is carried out in the neighborhood and residents shared concerns about issues such as problems with reverse 911, ongoing problems with prostitutes, and a recent assault in the neighborhood.

The following information was put together by the BNA webmaster from the July, 2004 meeting.

Reporting Crime (911)

Call 911 to report a crime or suspicious activity or persons.

If you have information related to crime you can call the Crime Tip Hotline: (706) 613-3342 or the Drug Hotline: (706) 613-3297.

The Police Department is required to respond to all 911 calls. It is useful to understand that 911 operators are required to collect certain data from the caller. As they enter the information into the system it is sent to a dispatcher who relays it to an officer on patrol. While en route to the crime scene, the officer will continue to receive information as the caller provides it.

Note that even if no immediate action results from a 911 call, the call itself may serve as useful information for ongoing or subsequent investigation.

An officer cannot make an arrest or write a citation if he or she arrives and the activity is no longer in evidence. If you think the activity will stop before the officer arrives, such as a noise violation, and if you want to press charges against the violator, request during the 911 call to meet with the responding officer. He or she will instruct you on how to press charges. Also, it may be useful in court if you gather your own evidence (i.e. videos or photos) of the violation.

Some residents have found it frustrating and seemingly useless to call 911. The Police ask that you please continue to call 911 to report criminal activity. If you are having problems with 911 operators or response to your calls contact Capt. Williams in the Communications division 613-3330 x 325.

Reverse 911 Calls

If you would like to receive reverse 911 calls (reports of recent crime in your area) or if you are having problems with reverse 911, contact:

Katie Jones
Neighborhood Service Officer, Crime Prevention, Reverse 911 operator
353-4214 x 147

Law Enforcement Zones

The Boulevard Neighborhood is divided along Chase street into the East and West precincts of the ACC Police Department. West of Chase is Zone 7 of the West precinct and East of Chase is Zone 8 of the East precinct. Because the neighborhood is split up in this way, it can be difficult to figure out how the neighborhood as a whole is experiencing trends in crime. Such difficulties might be mitigated by implementation of a neighborhood planning unit.

Click here for a detailed map (pdf) of the Boulevard neighborhood showing zones 7 and 8.

Zone 8 is in the east precinct. It is bounded to the north by the Athens Perimeter; western boundary is Chase Street to Prince Avenue to Milledge Avenue to Broad Street. Bounded to the south by Broad Street eastward to the railroad tracks just east of Foundry Street; north along Thomas to North Avenue and continuing north to the Athens Perimeter. Zone 8 includes the Downtown District.
Contact info for zone 8 officers on ACCPD website

Zone 7 is in the west precinct. It begins at the Athens Perimeter/Chase Street intersection, south along Chase Street to Prince Avenue; east along Prince to Milledge Avenue; south along Milledge to Broad Street; west along Broad to Hawthorne Avenue; north along Hawthorne to the Athens Perimeter; east along the Perimeter to the Chase Street intersection.
Contact info for zone 7 officers on ACCPD website


Capt. Charles S. Newson
West Precinct Commander (West of Chase St. - Zone 7)
353-4218 x 113

Capt. Carter Greene
East Precinct Commander (East of Chase St. - Zone 8)
613-3888 x247

Major Alan Brown
Detective Commander
613-3330 x 281

Code Enforcement

If you have a violation to report, or questions about the code, call the Community Protection Division. This newly restructured body enforces ACC codes such as those regarding; unlawful dumping, junk vehicles, unsafe structures, overgrown vegetation, soil erosion, front yard parking, and definition of family restrictions.

ACC Community Protection Division - Code Compliance and Enforcement
(706) 613-3790


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