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Chase Street School Remodeling/Reconstruction

These are the current exterior elevation drawings of the new sections of Chase Street School. The old 1921 building which is being retained is not shown since its exterior will not be altered. There are three pages. And, I hope I managed to describe this in a way you can figure out!

Click on the images for a larger view. These are large pictures (1.3 mb) and may require scrolling.

On page 1, drawing N1 is a view of the large wing that includes the media center, lunchroom, and gym from the east side(Chase St.) of that wing, J1 is a view of the building from the north (Boulevard, as if you are standing in the current bus driveway), E1 is the rear of the building as seen from the west (Nacoochee Ave.)
On page 2, drawing E1 shows the rear of the large wing with the covered walkway between the lunchroom and gym. J1 is the view of the wing just behind the original building from the west. E1 is the view of the building from the south side (Prince Ave/current driveway with turnaround), and A1 is the view of the rear wing from the east side (Chase St).
On page 3, drawing N1 shows the wing behind the original building from the east (Chase St.) and there are several drawings of exterior details.

The large drawings will be at Chase East at 280 Gaines School Rd. if you would like to examine them in more detail.

Archive of old drawings.


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