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1140 Prince Avenue
Proposed Medical Office Development

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With regard to the Planned development at 1140 Prince Avenue, the HBNA Steering Committee deliberately chose to adopt a position open to negotiation to try to gain a voice in shaping the inevitable development along the Prince Avenue corridor. We feel that taking this position is more productive in gaining recognition by the powers that be, not only for this development, but for future proposals as well. As to the success of that decision only time will tell.

Our statement to the Planning Commission on January 8 expressed serious concerns about this plan with respect to scale (it is too large), traffic (nearly 1,800 car trips per day), appropriateness (it requires rezoning of two residential lots to commercial use), precedent (what impact a development of this size will have on future development along the Prince corridor) and incompatibility with the Future Land Use Plan's definition of mixed use development. Currently, these concerns have not been addressed to our satisfaction.

At this time we are continuing our efforts to reach a solution amenable to all parties involved.

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